Shipping value

The shipping cost depends on the weight or volumetric weight and can be calculated in the shopping cart and at checkout.

Insurance is added to all shipments to guarantee reimbursement to the customer if there is any problem with transport , for the insurance to be activated it is necessary to follow the following rules imposed by the carriers:

- Open the order in front of the person responsible for delivery

- If you notice that something is not correct or damaged , you should not accept the order

- Record what is not correct, you can take some photos for example and send them to us to activate the insurance.

Failure to comply with the above rules will cancel the possibility of activating the insurance contracted with the carrier, the customer is fully responsible for all costs related to returning the order if accepted. undertakes to carry out professional and very well packaged shipments, from the smallest product to the largest product available in the online store, however the transport process goes through several people and several warehouses, so we take out insurance to guarantee that Your order is insured and you will be able to receive a refund if there is a problem with transportation .


Prices and Customs Fees

The values presented at do not include VAT and import taxes, whatever there is several countries with business agreements with Europe countries, for United States there is a commercial agreement from 800$ till 2500$ that exclude importation taxes, it depends from state to state but orders till 800$ there are no importation taxes. (This information is not conclusive, please get more information with your country customs.)

The same for Canada but with diferente values, please get more informed about this. (This information is not conclusive, please get more information with your country customs.)

As the tax is not paid in Portugal, it is possible that your country will charge you the import tax upon entry of the products, except for exceptions in commercial agreements.

Import tax is not included in product prices.

Returns are not accepted due to non-payment of import taxes in your country.


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