7 Chakra Bracelet

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Bracelet of the 7 Chakras with volcanic stones and semi-precious stones with metal cross,

The seven main chakras

Coronary (Gland: Pineal) - It is linked to the functions of the brain, as well as the divine,
Frontal (Gland: Pituitary) - Located on the forehead is the chakra of intuition and creativity,
Throat (Gland: Thyroid) - < / strong> Located on the throat, it influences the control of metabolism and communication in general,
Cardiac (Gland: Thymus) - Responsible for the balance and exchange of emotions, Above the heart, it is brilliant gold and divides into twelve parts or rays,
Splenic, Solar Plexus (Gland: Spleen) - Regulates the entry of prAnne into the etheric double of man, It is linked to digestion, emotions and metabolism,
Umbilical (Gland: Pancreas) - Linked to the physiology of the soul, the field of emotions, primary feelings and also the nervous system,
Basic (Gland: Suprarrenal) - Located at the base of the spine, below the sexual organ, it is the main model of the stimuli of man's organic and spiritual life,

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