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Bracelet of the seven Chakras with volcanic stones for your protection,

The word Chakra comes from Sanskrit and means wheel, disk, center or plexus, It is perceived by clairvoyants as vortices of vital energy, spirals spinning at high speed, vibrating at vital points of our body, Each chakra has meaning, color, mantra and specific elements that stimulate its movement,

Volcanic stone
Indications: > Protection
Properties: It is a very powerful amulet when on the altar or carried in the pocket as an amulet, It protects the home in general, repelling the negativity of the environment,
History: Before Europeans discovered Hawaii, lava rocks were used to build religious and magical centers of activity,
The seven major chakras Coronary (Gland: Pineal) - It is linked to brain functions as well
Throat (Gland: Thyroid) - Located on the forehead is the intuition and creativity chakra, on the throat exerts influence in the control of metabolism and communication in general,
Cardiac (Gland: Timo) - Responsible for the balance and exchange of emotions, About the heart, it is bright golden and splits into twelve parts or rays,

> It is linked to digestion, emotions and metabolism,
Umbilical (Gland: Pancreas) - Linked to the physiology of the soul, to the field of emotions, to primary feelings and also to the nervous system, Located at the base of the spine, below the sexual organ, it is the main modeller of the stimuli of man's organic and spiritual life,

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