Tile Our Lady of Nazareth 6 pieces

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Decorative tile with image of Our Lady of Nazareth.


Height: 45 cm

Width: 30 cm

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Handpainted Catholic Art from Fatima, Portugal"

Welcome to Ourfatima, where each tile tells a story of faith, art, and tradition from the holy city of Fatima, Portugal. Our collection of handpainted Catholic tiles captures the essence of spiritual devotion and brings timeless beauty to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Crafted with dedication and painted with precision, these tiles are not just decorations but sacred keepsakes that uplift the spirit.

Our Artistry
In Fatima, a city revered for its profound religious significance, our artists draw inspiration from its rich heritage and the serene spirituality that permeates its atmosphere. Each tile is carefully painted by local painters who infuse every brushstroke with their faith and passion for Catholic art. The result is a vibrant tableau that resonates with the stories of saints and sacred symbols, bringing the essence of Fatima into your home or church environment.

Premium Materials
Durability meets beauty in our selection of high-quality materials. At Ourfatima, we understand that our customers seek both aesthetic appeal and longevity. That’s why we use only the finest ceramics and weather-resistant paints, ensuring that our tiles withstand the test of time. Whether placed outdoors in a garden or displayed indoors as part of a devotional space, our tiles maintain their color and detail through the seasons.

Handpainted with Precision
Every tile we offer is handpainted, making each piece uniquely beautiful. Our artisans are masters of their craft, employing traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. The attention to detail in each tile ensures that the sacred images are represented with reverence and artistry. From intricate patterns that frame beloved icons to the careful selection of colors that evoke emotion and depth, each tile is a masterpiece.

Why Choose Ourfatima?

  • Enduring Quality: Built to last, our tiles are perfect for withstanding various climates without fading or wearing.
  • Spiritual Elegance: Enhance your sacred space with artwork that reflects your faith and elevates your surroundings.
  • Support Local Artisans: Each purchase helps support the artists of Fatima, preserving their tradition of religious art.

Explore Our Collection
Browse our diverse range of designs, each vibrant with color and rich in symbolism. Whether you are looking for a depiction of the Virgin Mary, a scene from the life of Christ, or a representation of the saints, we have something that will bring beauty and inspiration to your space.

Get in Touch
Connect with us to discover more about our process, our artists, and how these beautiful tiles can become a part of your spiritual practice and decor.

At Ourfatima, every piece is a prayer, every color a reflection of faith. We invite you to bring a piece of Fatima into your life with tiles that are as durable as they are divine.

Hand painted work

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